Who we are

We are a club full of amateur radio enthusiasts, consisting of mostly furries, but we have a few non-furry members too! Our goal is to help promote and educate people interested in amateur radio, to help improve the radio arts, to train people how to properly use telecommunications systems in the event of an emergency, and finally, to make people see how AWESOME amateur radio can be!AWOO!

Things we do

Things that we do in this club include: DX contests, Fun on DMR, Making lots of QSO's, Weekly DMR nets, and much much more!

How to join?

This club is mostly discord based, and you can find the invite link here. To join the club, you must fill out the Application Form, then one of the board members will review it.

Club Nets

Our club nets are hosted every Thursday at 8:00PM Pacific Time, on Brandmeister Talk group 98002. We allow any licensed amateur operator to check in and would be more than happy to hear some new voices on the net! So come check in every now and then!